Here are galleries of Don’s oil paintings, assemblage, and small works available for purchase. Also, an archive of selected past work in date order with pricing if the work is available.


Please contact Don with your questions, comments, or for additional images of the work:

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Benefits of exploring the world of current abstract expressionist artists!

Everyone has seen abstract art in the collections of museums and galleries. Some of you may even have a contemporary abstract art collection of your own. Often, however, collectors pass over this genre without fully investigating the work of talented new abstract painters.

This may be because the work of current abstract expressionist artists may be difficult to understand. After all, abstract art does not attempt to literally represent a visual reality, but instead use shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. The art, in fact, represents an idea or concept in the mind of talented new abstract painters, independent from actual representation.

In other words, the current abstract expressionist artists' work is highly personal. Most importantly, the work itself forms a direct emotional connection, with no literal representation in the real world, with the viewer. It is not objective, but, rather, highly subjective.

One cannot deny the significance of abstract art in the modern age. The collectible contemporary abstract artists whose work you see owes a large debt to a movement in American painting that took place in New York City after World War II when the world was in large part being remade.

Start your exploration of abstract artists to discover 

Let's explore the rewards of what talented new abstract painters have to offer.

Benefit # 1: The work is vibrant, free, and highly expressive.

Current abstract expressionist artists do not adhere to any specific rules or conventional wisdom. As a result, collectors will discover art that exists as an emotional experience, without limitation or preconception. This is art that creates a deeply personal connection with the viewer through drama, elegance, and vision.

Benefit # 2: Collecting new abstract art from talented new abstract painters is a good investment.

Investing in talented new abstract painters today can become a dream come true. Why? Abstract artists to discover and emerging artists to collect offer work that is unique, often extraordinary, and cutting edge. And the work, while affordable today, has the capacity to gain in value down the road. The bottom line: there is high aesthetic value and a leading-edge vision in these collectible contemporary abstract artists, and there may well be a masterpiece among them!