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Extensive portfolio of recent work by
Don Perley now published online:


Don's latest solo show, a survey of paintings and his assemblage work, ran June 14th through July 9th at Pleiades Gallery in the Chelsea Gallery District, New York City.


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Show announcement by Len DeLuca at Curious Mind Arts.

Marianna Winterdale final 2.JPG

Return to Source was curated by Marianna Winterdale - curator, DTP designer, and photographer living in New York City. For the show Mari chose a mix of recent paintings, assemblage work and some older pieces to tell a story on each wall of the artist's philosophy and development.

Brainard 1.jpg

Appreciation goes out to Brainard Carey who advised Don on his portfolio and website. He is the co-founder of Praxis art collaborative, creator of Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies, and author of 6 books on career development for the artist.

Pleiades Tandem Announcemeent.png

In February running into March, Don had paintings shown in the Pleiades "In Tandem" members show and had the opportunity to talk about new work.

Front Door.jpg

January 2022- Don Perley was selected to be one of the artists of PLEIADES GALLERY, 547 West 27th Street, New York City, in the Landmark Arts Building. Spanning 48 years, Pleiades Gallery is one of the oldest and most well established co-op galleries in New York City.

liana_paris final.JPG

Don has an extensive YouTube March 2021 studio interview on the ups and downs of a life as a self-taught artist, conducted by Liana Voia, the creator of Multiple Arts.

Liana Voia, Orléans France

Don is now published as a featured artist at The NO MIDDLEMAN online art gallery, a project of Edge of Humanity Magazine. 

Don is also a member of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County (CAFC) and resident of Stamford CT.

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