Gallery 4 Collage / Assemblage

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Wired  28x29x5, , ink on paper and mixed media, mounted on canvas-covered wood support, 2018. A raised collage, 2.25 inches high, it is built around Wired magazine covers. They are painted over with inks to make them even more bold. And some added things: metallic ribbon, printed dollhouse wallpapers, and a clothesline painted green.

199 main bright for saatchi.jpg
199 easel bright.jpg
199 close up bright.jpg

Crowley’s Dream (Thoth Tarot Deck)  36x54x5  Relief collage of tarot deck created by Lady Frieda Harris according to instructions from Aleister Crowley, completed in 1943 but not published until 1969.
This is the complete deck, sectioned, with each piece mounted on a riser of varying height.
Narrow strips of tape are distributed across the collage, and the whole is painted with acrylics and inks.
Mounted on a wood cradle covered with canvas, with a floating frame built by the artist, 2021.

133 main HR bright.jpg
133 easel shot HR.jpg
133 right side HR bright.jpg
133 detail 2 HR bright.jpg
133 detail HR.jpg

Gaia  32x48x6, 2014. Paper prints, acrylic, oil, marker, bamboo, wood, mounted on wood.

A painted deep relief assemblage incorporating segments of photos taken from Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa by Hans Sylvester (fair use for a transformative purpose).

 Most images are mounted on posts of varying height. Border is free with pieces overhanging the support. The work addresses the desecration of our home.

188 Inner Sea official main HR 700 brigh
188 Inner Sea easel HR 700.jpg
188 Inner Sea side easel HR.jpg
188 Inner Sea main HR detail 2.jpg

Inner Sea 31x33x5, 2020. Paper coffee cups/modelling paste/acrylic/tape mounted on canvas over a wood support. This collage started out as large white coffee cups cut in half and painted with acrylics. Iridescent gold and silver are on the bottom of the cups with gray on the interiors. Finished with pieces of tape in shades of red and small, floating squares of painted canvas.


Inner Sea  31x33x5, paper/modelling paste/acrylic/tape mounted on canvas over a wood support, 2018. This collage started out as large white coffee cups cut in half.  Painted with acrylics, iridescent gold and silver line the bottoms with gray on the interiors. It is finished with pieces of tape in shades of red and small, floating pieces of blue canvas.

187 By the Shore main HR.jpg
187 By the Shore easel HR.jpg
187 By the Shore side HR.jpg
187 By the Shore detail  HR.jpg

By the Shore of the Inner Sea 31x33x5, 2020. This is a painted collage created out of large paper coffee cups cut in half. Seen within the torn holes are visual surprises.

182 Here Below main HR bright.jpg
182 Here Below easel HR bright.jpg
182 Here Below left side HR bright.jpg
182 Here Below detail 2 HR bright.jpg

Here Below  30x26x6, 2019. A painted deep relief collage mounted on canvas over wood. Prints are taken from various sources, many from an auction catalog of early German expressionism.

122 Softened Space main HR bright.jpg
122 Softened Space main HR detail.jpg
122-Softened-Space-side-easel-2020 brigh

Softened Space  29x41x5, 2013. Oil on aluminum mounted on canvas over a wood support.

A deep relief construction composed of aluminum formed into boxes, mounted on a canvas-covered wood support, painted with oils, and lovingly worked over with a sledge hammer. The stripes are two slightly different reds, a dark blue and a dark green. Incidentally, it has nothing whatsoever to do with a flag, they are just stripes. The effect is to soften space itself.

167 sing-along main HRb.jpg
167 right side HR.jpg
167 detail 1 HR.jpg

Sing Along  18x24x3.5, 2018, mixed media. Painted collage of mixing cups from the studio mounted on a wood support, unframed. Finished with gold dragged over the top and then a wash of white. 

046 main HR.jpg
046 easel shot HR.jpg
046 detail  HR.jpg

Wheaties Collage  44h x 46w x 6d, 2003. A painted collage of Wheaties boxes mounted on wood, framed with wood, and bathed in pink and iridescent white. 

192 main saturated.jpg
192 easel main saturated.jpg
detail 1.jpg

Impressionist Collage  35x39x3.5, 2020. Painted relief collage of torn images of famous impressionist paintings.

193 main P3 - brighten for
193 easel P3 bright.jpg
193 detail 1 bright.jpg

Expressionist Collage  35x39x3.5, 2020. Painted relief collage of torn images of famous expressionist paintings.


Solace  51x40x2, 2014.  This is a large collage with a deep texture made from pieces of canvas cut from an old painting and painted over in oils and acrylics, with many colors running underneath. Mounted on a wood support with a raised frame. 

076 Shield main HR.jpg
076 Shield easel HR.jpg
076 Shield detail HR.jpg

Shield  57x59x2, 2008. A large painted collage of strips of corrugated cardboard mounted on a wood support. 

096 Degas Collage nov2020 bright.jpg
096 degas collage wall shot nov2020 brig

Degas Collage  29.5x30x2.5, 2011.  A raised relief collage composed of fragments of Degas prints mounted on foamcore. The support is a wooden box covered with canvas.