Gallery 3 Paintings

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148 Clairvoyant 1.jpg
148 Clairvoyant 2 easel.jpg

Clairvoyant  24x30x1.5, oil on canvas,  2017.

090 Three Spirits brightened.jpg
090 Three Spirits easel brightened.jpg

Three Spirits  32x28x2, oil on linen, 2014.

130 Waverly Place nov20 bright.jpg
130 Waverly Place easel nov2020 bright.j

Waverly Place  30x40x1.5, oil on canvas, 2014.

055 Dance nov2020 bright.jpg
055 Dance easel shot nov2020 bright.jpg

Dance  50x36x1.5 oil on linen, 2007.


Transponder  48x48x3, acrylic, oil and modeling paste on canvas over wood support,  2018. 

125 Rosetta main shot nov2020 bright.jpg
125 Rosetta easel nov2020.jpg

Rosetta  39x29x3, oil/modeling paste on canvas, 2014.

This is an oil painting on a canvas-covered wood support. It is the visible color spectrum, the rosetta stone for visual artists. The surface is luscious, stone-like and multi-faceted.

145 Harmonics HR 500px.jpg
145 Harmonics easel HR.jpg
145 Harmonics HR detail 1.jpg
145 Harmonics HR detail 2.jpg

Harmonics  60x48x1.5, oil/modelling paste on canvas, 2016.  Colors in a raw state, asserting themselves in an unfettered way.  Each color grouping makes a chord. The chords make shifting alliances and combinations.

151 Lineage HR.jpg
151 Lineage easel HR bright.jpg
151 Lineage HR detail.jpg

Lineage  60h x 48w x 1.5d, oil on canvas, 2017. A painting from the large format series. The title refers to the lineage of artists going back to the prehistoric cave painters. This is my version of a cave painting, updated with a larger available palette. A mystical power rises from the making of marks. There is a deep, rough surface to it like stone