Gallery 3 Paintings

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148 main HR.jpg
148 easell HR.jpg

Clairvoyant  24x30x1.5 oil on canvas 2017

090 Three Spirits main 2 HR bright.jpg
090 Three Spirits easel HR.jpg

Three Spirits 32x28x2 oil/linen framed 2014

130 main HR.jpg
130 easel HR.jpg

Waverly Place 30x40x1.5 oil/canvas 2014

168 main HR.jpg
168 right HR.jpg

Transponder 48x48x3 acrylic/oil/modeling paste/ canvas
over wood support 2018

145 Harmonics HR 500px.jpg
145 Harmonics easel HR bright.jpg
145 Harmonics HR detail 1.jpg

Harmonics 60x48x1.5 oil/modeling paste/canvas 2016 
Colors in a raw state, asserting themselves in an unfettered way. 

Each color grouping makes a chord. The chords make shifting alliances and combinations.

151 Lineage HR bright.jpg
151 Lineage easel HR bright.jpg

Lineage 60h x 48w x 1.5d oil/canvas, 2017
The title refers to the lineage of artists going back to the prehistoric cave painters. This is a current version of a cave painting, updated with a larger available palette. A mystical power rises from the making of marks.
There is a deep, rough surface to it like stone

125 Rosetta main shot HR.jpg
125 Rosetta ease HR.jpg
125 Rosetta right side HR.jpg

Rosetta 39x29x3 oil/modeling paste/canvas over wood support 2014
the visible color spectrum, the rosetta stone for visual artists 
The surface is luscious, stone-like and multi-faceted.

055 Dance main HR bright.jpg
055 Dance easel HR bright.jpg

Dance 50x36x1.5 oil/linen 2007

077 main 1 HR b.jpg
077 The Visit easel shot 400dpi.jpg
077 detail HR.jpg

The Visit  49x20x1.5 oil/linen 2008

124 main 1.jpg
124 easel.jpg

Adoration  40x30x1.5 oil/canvas 2014