Gallery 1 Paintings

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195 The Watching Window HR more bright.j
195 The Watching Window easel HR bright.
195 The Watching Window detail 2 HR.jpg
195 The Watching Window detail 1 HR.jpg

The Watching Window  30x40x.75, oil on canvas, 2020.  

194 How We Found main HR bright.jpg
194 How We Found easel HR bright.jpg
194 How We Found detail 1 HR.jpg
194 How We Found detail 2 HR.jpg

How We Found Our Way  48x460x1.5, oil on canvas, 2020.

186 Spirit Wheel main HR and lens correc
186 Spirit Wheel  side HR.jpg
186 Spirit Wheel  detail 2 HR.jpg
186 Spirit Wheel  detail 1 HR.jpg

Spirit Wheel  36x48x1.5, oil on canvas, 2020.  

P main 1 chosen for main shot brightened
main 3 chosen for easel shot.jpg
detail 2.jpg

Red Mountain  36x48x1.5, oil on canvas, 2020.  

176 main brightened more.jpg
176 main 3 easel shot.jpg
176 dretail 2.jpg

The Colorworks  36x48x1.5, oil/colored pencil on canvas, 2019.  

Theory of Everything main brightened.jpg
Theory-of-Everything easel
Theory-of-Everything detail brightened.j

Theory of Everything  36x48x1.5, oil on canvas, 2020. 

180 main 3b.jpg
180 main easel shot.jpg
180 detail.jpg

Evermore  30x40x.75, oil/acrylic on canvas, 2019. 

172  Hothouse nov2020 bright.jpg
172--Hothouse-side-easel nov2020 bright.

Hothouse  30x40x.75, oil and colored pencil on canvas, 2019.

171 Delerious - new main 2020

Delirious  36x48x1.5, oil on canvas, 2019.

152 Choir copy.jpg

Choir  30x40x1.5, oil on canvas, 2017. 


Harvest  30x40x.75, oil/pencil/linen, 2018. 


White Painting  28x30x1.5, oil on linen,  2012.


Black Painting  28x30x1.5, oil on linen, 2012.