Recent Oil Paintings

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213 Bright Angel new main p6 700dpi.jpg
213 Bright Angel main p5 easel.jpg
213 Bright Angel detail P1.jpg

Bright Angel Trail  36x48x1.5 oil/ink/pencil/pastel/canvas

207 Animator main dons pset try again 7.jpg
207 Animator easel 1 dons pset auto.jpg
207 Animator detail 2 auto.jpg

Animator  30x40x1.5 oil/ink/canvas

206 Dream Beneath the Moon main 5.jpg


Dream Beneath the Moon  36x48x1.5, oil/ink/pencil on canvas

204 The Battle for Heaven main final.jpg
204 The Battle for Heaven main easel 2 polar HR 2nd try.jpg
204 The Battle for Heaven detail 1 HR.jpg

The Battle for Heaven  36x48x1.5 oil/ink/canvas

209 Open Gate main 2 2nd try.jpg
209 Open Gate easel 1.jpg
209 Open Gate detail 1 dp preset.jpg

Open Gate  36x48x1.5 oil/ink/pastel/colored pencil/canvas

197 Judgement Day.jpg
197 easel shot.jpg
197 detail 6.jpg

Judgment Day  26x58x1.5 oil/acrylic/ink/canvas

191 Red Mountain main try for better jpg.jpg
191 Red Mountain main easel new.jpg
191 Red Mountain main detail 2 HR.jpg

Red Mountain  36x48x1.5 oil/canvas

186 Spirit Wheel main final gimp new.jpg
186 Spirit Wheel  detail 1 new.jpg
186 Spirit Wheel detail 2b new.jpg

Spirit Wheel  36x48x1.5 oil/canvas

201 Come Away main 1 700dpi new7.jpg
201 Come Away left 2 new.jpg
201Come Away detail 2 left new.jpg

Come Away  36x48x1.5 oil/acrylic/ink/pastel/pencil

195 How We Found Our Way main final new.jpg

How We Found Our Way  48x60x1.5 oil/canvas

195 easel number 3 bright.jpg
194 How We Found detail 1 HR.jpg
176 The Colorworks.jpg
176 main 2 easel shot HR.jpg
176 detail 1 HR.jpg

The Colorworks  36x48x1.5 oil/colored pencil/canvas

185 Theory of Everything final 2.jpg
185 detail b2.jpg
185 Theory detail c.jpg

Theory of Everything  36x48x1.5 oil/canvas

180 Evermore main HR.jpg
180 Evermore easel HR.jpg
180 Evermore detail HR.jpg

Evermore  30x40x.75 oil/acrylic/canvas



Kingdom 18x48x1.5 oil/canvas

190 Brick Wall of Paradise main 3.jpg


Love Supreme 18x48x1.5 oil/canvas

200 Twilight, July main final new.jpg
200 Twilight, July detail 1 new.jpg
200 Twilight, July detail 2 new.jpg

Twililght, July  36x48x1.5 oil/canvas  

172 main dHR.jpg
172 easel dHR.jpg
172 side dHR.jpg

Hothouse  30x40x.75 oil/colored pencil/canvas