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Recent Oil Paintings

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216 Amy's Song lite.jpg
216 Amy's Song with border.jpg
218 Off Trail main brite.jpg
213 Bright Angel new main p6 700dpi.jpg
213 Bright Angel main p5 easel.jpg
207 Animator main dons pset try again 7.jpg
207 Animator easel 1 dons pset auto.jpg

Animator  30x40x1.5 oil/ink/canvas

206 Dream Beneath the Moon main 5.jpg


Dream Beneath the Moon  36x48x1.5, oil/ink/pencil on canvas

204 The Battle for Heaven main final.jpg
204 The Battle for Heaven main easel 2 polar HR 2nd try.jpg
204 The Battle for Heaven detail 1 HR.jpg

The Battle for Heaven  36x48x1.5 oil/ink/canvas

209 Open Gate main 2 2nd try.jpg
209 Open Gate easel 1.jpg
209 Open Gate detail 1 dp preset.jpg

Open Gate  36x48x1.5 oil/ink/pastel/colored pencil/canvas

186 Spirit Wheel main final gimp new.jpg

Spirit Wheel  36x48x1.5 oil/canvas

185 Theory of Everything final 2.jpg

Theory of Everything  36x48x1.5 oil/canvas

191 Red Mountain main try for better jpg.jpg
191 Red Mountain main easel new.jpg

Red Mountain  36x48x1.5 oil/canvas

201 Come Away main 1 700dpi new7.jpg
201 Come Away left 2 new.jpg
201Come Away detail 2 left new.jpg

Come Away  36x48x1.5 oil/acrylic/ink/pastel/pencil

195 How We Found Our Way main final new.jpg
195 easel number 3 bright.jpg

How We Found Our Way  48x60x1.5 oil/acrylic/ink

200 Twilight, July main final new.jpg

Twililght, July  36x48x1.5 oil/canvas  

197 Judgement Day.jpg
197 easel shot.jpg

Judgment Day  26x58x1.5 oil/acrylic/ink/canvas

176 The Colorworks.jpg
176 main 2 easel shot HR.jpg

The Colorworks  36x48x1.5 oil/colored pencil/canvas

180 Evermore main HR.jpg
180 Evermore easel HR.jpg
180 Evermore detail HR.jpg

Evermore  30x40x.75 oil/acrylic/canvas



Kingdom 18x48x1.5 oil/canvas

190 Brick Wall of Paradise main 3.jpg


Love Supreme 18x48x1.5 oil/canvas

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