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imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but, without it, we go nowhere - Carl Sagan

Pleiades show 2022 small.jpg


new work for the new year

224 Full Moon 2.jpg

Full Moon 36" x 48"

first painting done on mylar mounted on canvas

new assemblage work

219 Talisman Jan 11 jpg adust.jpg

Talisman 24" x 18"

223 KRONOS 4204 wip.jpg

KRONOS 20" x 16"

221 Harmonics adjust.jpg


October 2022: Portfolio of work published online


Don's 2022 solo show, a survey of paintings and assemblage work, ran from June 14th through July 9th at Pleiades Gallery in New York's Chelsea District. Return to Source was curated by Marianna Winterdale - a New York-based curator, DTP designer, and photographer. For Don's show, Mari chose a mix of recent paintings, assemblage work, and earlier pieces to tell a story of the artist's philosophy and development.

Don Perley Card1024_1.jpg

Don has an extensive YouTube March 2021 studio interview on the ups and downs of a life as a self-taught artist, conducted by Liana Voia, the creator of Multiple Arts.

Don has also been published as a featured artist at 
The NO MIDDLEMAN online art gallery
a project of Edge of Humanity Magazine. 


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